Monthly Archives: December 2012

In 21st century Fax messaging entered on a new stage of development, capturing the advanced Internet technologies.

When Internet became quite popular, a new option called Internet fax or Web fax appeared. This allowed users to send fax without any special devices such as fax machines. Faxing kept its core, but its appearance changed and its effectiveness had increased. Online fax messages appeared to be:

  • faster as Internet is faster that a phone line connected to a fax machine;
  • cheaper as there’s no need in things like ink, paper, fax machine, additional phone line. Due to the same reasons, online fax is –
  • good for environment;
  • accessible in any place where Internet can be found;
  • available for mobile devices such as smart phones and tabs;
  • secure as messages end up in user’s mail box and are not kept in fax machine out-tray.

Initially there was used a special software allowing user to send fax from his computer. Lately there appeared a possibility to receive faxes on a web mail, and online faxing became even more popular. Fax to email and email to fax could be easily used with default mail clients and therefore became very conscious.

Actually the largest companies on the planet, like Google and Microsoft, are leveraging the cloud to offer the most advanced mobile applications and various cloud services. All these moments drive hundreds of businesses into the cloud, and imply the need of cloud faxing solutions. The cloud faxing is the future of IP faxing. Demand created supply, and in a short time the mobile faxing was implemented. Today anyone could install a simple cloud application to his smartphone and receive fax anywhere and anytime.

Different companies appeared to provide online faxing services, such as Popfax. Now, the online faxing services are really at a very high level, and the users can choose among different offers the most suitable tariffs and a packs to obtain maximum benefit.