Send and receive fax email with the Popfax mail to fax service

Let’s get it all in one place.

If you want to send and receive faxes, this is what you should do:

In order to be able to send a fax email, a Popfax customer must have the “Option pack” activated. The “Option pack” can be purchased for 2 EUR/month for the Send & Receive packages, and is included in the Free Trial and Send Only packages.

Popfax offers its customers 2 ways of sending fax email:

Option 1: Recipients numbers in mail body.

This option requires typing the address in the destination email field; inserting the user security code in the subject, attaching the documents to fax, and typing the destination fax numbers in the body of the email.

Option 2: Recipients number in mail destination address.

If users prefer the 2nd option, they must address an email to (ex:, insert the user security code in the subject field, and attach the document to fax.

An additional option to fax email, is personalized fax or FaxMail merge that allows users to send personalized faxes to multiple recipients at once, without changing the actual body of the fax, but making a few changes for personalization purposes. In order to use FaxMail merge, the user creates one “master” document containing the information that is the same on each copy, and then adds placeholders for the information that will be uniquely personalized on each copy. The user then sends this master document, together with the database file containing the custom information to and types the security code in the subject field. The body of the email remains empty.

For a more professional look, users may add a cover page to their fax email. To do that the user must address an email to (ex:, type the security code in the subject, upload the fax content, and type the cover page content inside the email body.

Now about receiving faxes:

Receiving a fax to email is simple as well: it is included in the Send & Receive package and allows you to receive your faxes in digital format anywhere you can access your email. Faxes are delivered to you as email attachments in TIFF or PDF formats.



Popfax also offers Send & Receive users the possibility to receive fax emails at multiple email addresses. The feature called Distribution list, can be activated from Account management and is included in the Option pack. It requires the configuring of multiple email addresses to which users want to receive their faxes, attached in PDF or TIFF format. The fax email will be distributed to subsidiaries, departments, offices, etc… It is similar to a fax machine that stands in the corridor used by a whole group of people. You gain multiple user capability but lose some of the confidentiality of personal communication. The choice is yours!

It is an ideal solution for business use, as a fax email service allows you to eliminate your dedicated fax lines, to save money on paper, ink and other consumables and to protect the environment.


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