Start your fax communication with your own dedicated fax number from

Popfax assigns you a local fax number for receiving faxes in over 500 cities across more than 23 countries, and allows you to send faxes worldwide. There is no difference between the digital fax number provided by and a traditional fax number. If you already have a fax number you can port it to

As fax communication is still a very important part of business communication all over the world, every company needs a fax number both for increased availability in the professional sphere and higher productivity.

Maximize your efficiency and reliability with Professional Internet Fax service offered by Popfax, and start your fax communication online through your own dedicated fax number.

Get a local fax number


Popfax provides you with a dedicated local fax number for receiving your fax to email or online. During the subscription process you can choose from over 23 available countries.

There is no difference between the Internet fax number assigned by and the classical fax machine number.

The Popfax fax number is a private one: you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period on time.

To get a fax number, just choose Send & Receive offer and indicate your fax country/location: a fax number will be generated automatically and will remain yours under the condition of its extension before your subscription expires.

Many companies need several fax numbers for their employees from different departments for confidentiality reasons. Using the Popfax groups option, one administrator can create, manage and pay for different fax accounts, with different fax numbers for each department.

Set up our fax service in your own way to ensure it works best for your company.


Already have a fax number


If you already have a fax number you can port it to – thus you will continue to receive faxes on your usual fax number.

You can both keep your fax number that you are accustomed to and benefit from all the advantages of a professional online fax service provided by Popfax.

If you intend to port your fax number, contact Popfax customer service via email and subscribe to our Portability offer for only 140 EUR, that includes:

  • 2 Years of Send & Receive Subscription with free and unlimited fax reception
  • Option pack activated for the whole duration
  • 100 fax pages to send
  • Free fax number portability

Thanks to Fax Number Portability you can transfer your fax number to the Popfax Service without interrupting fax communication and without the need to inform your customers of your new number.

The fax number portability is currently available in France, Spain, and the USA.

If it is not possible to port the existing number, you can get a new fax number provided by Popfax and redirect faxes to your new Popfax number, fully enjoying the Popfax service. Or, you can simply disconnect your old fax number.

Featured Fax Number

You can choose a desired or preferable fax number according to your preferences: to maintain your company’s numerological branding, or simplify the memorization of your fax number by customers.

Get a beautiful fax number for only 10 Euro.

Optimize your fax communication without leaving your work space each time you need to send or to receive a fax. With Popfax your faxes are sent instantly and you can receive multiple faxes at once. Benefit from all the advantages of our all-inclusive fax service!


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