Popfax mobile site updated!

Popfax has announced several changes in their mobile site. First of all, with upgraded fully-featured mobile fax from Popfax all smartphone users can:
– subscribe to the Popfax internet fax service right from an internet-enabled mobile device, by choosing the all-inclusive Send & Receive offer with a dedicated fax number provided or ported to Popfax, or by taking the Send Only pack with no fax number attached.

– try the Popfax service for free from a smart phone: the subscription to the Free Fax Trial in several clicks allows users to send up to 4 fax pages and to receive an unlimited number of faxes. The extension of the Free Trial will keep the fax number that has been provided for the test.

– use any payment method available on Popfax.com to buy packages, options, sending credits from the mobile site. Mobile payments at m.popfax.com are highly secured and offer users a high level of confidence.

The site is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry. It’s user-friendly and talks several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Romanian.
The next tools were added:

Faxing documents of various extensions (*pdf, *doc, *jpg, *gif, etc.), previously saved on the mobile device and/or captured with the phone camera;
Storing and managing sent/received faxes, SMS’s, voice mails;
Customizing cover-pages for outbound faxes;
Providing OCR (copy paste capability, desktop search engines indexing…) in all received faxes;
Grouping of all contacts.
To register an account you can go to Popfax website – http://www.popfax.com/


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