Popfax announced winner of Promo Share Contest

As is was announced earlier, the international provider of Internet Fax services Popfax.com, announced its Winter Season Promotion – an excellent opportunity to save on a Professional Fax Service

Users could get their 2014 Winter promo pack and benefit with:

  • Long-term fax service – 2 year subscription
  • Free embedded fax pages to send – 500
  • Free and unlimited fax reception
  • Option pack included for increased productivity

At last the moment came and Popfax has announced the winner of a full refund in its Promo Sharing Contest, which took place in December 2013 and January 2014, alongside the Special Winter Promotion.

The Popfax Winter Promotion is over. Customers who purchased the Promotional Offer were asked to share a short message about their subscription on Facebook, Twitter or G+, in order to be in with a chance of having their purchase refunded. All shares and entries have been collected, and a winner has been selected through a random 1/100 draw.

Congratulations to AAF International, the winner of our Winter Promo Sharing Contest

Prize: Full refund of promo purchase

Winning Share:


Popfax thanks its customers for their trust in Popfax services and for sharing the Winter Promotional Offer on social media sites.

All users of social networks are welcome to follow Popfax on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share their experience and opinions.

For those who’re only studying the world of online faxing Popfax prepared several videos explainign how to use it and what benefits one can get from online faxing. Discover the basics of how to receive and send faxes via the Internet in step-by-step video tutorials. The detailed demo videos offer an easy way to become familiar with the main online fax features provided by Popfax.com: fax from email client and Gmail account, fax from iPhone and Android smartphones, OCR in faxes, voicemail, cover page, etc.

The videos are about: How to send a fax from email, How to send a fax online from your web browser, How to scan and fax documents using an iPhone, Android smartphone or Blackberry, Popcompanion mobile application for Android phones – how does it work?, How to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in your faxes, How to fax from Gmail, How to setup the Voicemail option in your Popfax account and How to setup your fax cover page.


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