New great features for PopCompanion!

Popfax mobile application PopCompanion was just updated for iOS 7. With this update application got several great functions.

The PopCompanion app for iOS is a handy tool for scanning and faxing documents from an iPhone or iPad to any national or international fax number, or to multiple fax numbers at once. This application is already used by thousands of people around world as PopCompanion is one of the most convenient and easy to install and use tool from all of existing.

Popfax has recently updated the Popcompanion mobile fax application, which now supports all Apple devices running iOS from version 4.3 to 7.1.

So what new functions were installed to the new PopCompanion version?

Improved black and white image aspect. As before, Popcompanion offers options for image processing. A major new update is the improved quality of black and white images.

Inbox Badge Alert in the menu bar notifies users of incoming faxes. The badge number indicates the number of new faxes received in a clear and convenient way.

Scanning within native Apple camera interface. iPhone and iPad users can now scan documents using the familiar interface of their native Apple camera. This will let users avoid any problems regarding studying new software.

Perspective Crop Tool incorporated in the Popfax mobile app, it enables users to isolate different planes within an image and crop to correct distortions caused by perspective.

Connection with Photo Library. The app is now more tightly integrated with other Apple products. Popcompanion 1.5 lets users choose images from their Photo Library and fax them right away. It is so intuitive to fax images that have previously been scanned and saved in the library.

Offline Mode. The application now allows users to create, modify and delete folders, transfer online faxes to other folders, manage contacts and groups, send faxes and SMS through PopCompanion even without an Internet connection. PopCompanion 1.5 puts actions in a queue, waiting for the next network connection to synchronize. When the user returns online, the PopCompanion mobile application will automatically synchronize with the Popfax account.

Improved graphic design with new icons that match the look of iOS 7.

Drag-down function for manually refreshing the fax listing, to update changes and check for new faxes.

New and existing clients can find this application anytime in AppStore:

There’s also a possibility to add your opinion on new version of application on Popfax Facebook or Twitter page.


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