Fax machines are really amazing when you think about what they are doing. You get a paper, a hard copy document and you send it worldwide through telephone wires and the receiver gets his own physical version of the document. After that you get a printout that lets your know that the message was received, like an earlier version, invented more than a century and a half ago, of the „delivered” notification on smartphones.   

    In certain industries, fax is still the king, even if you have never sent a fax in the last ten years. For some companies, like government agencies and law firms, that especially value privacy fax remains the main method to share documents with customers and clients. As long as there are hard, paper documents fax machines will still exist.

   Sales of fax machines on their one have disappeared, now most offices are buying multifunction machines (copier/printer/scanner/fax machine). In developing nations, like high-tech focused Japan, the use of fax machine is surprisingly increasing. The fax had such a success there that is hard to replace it.  “It has grown unusually deep roots into Japanese society” said Kenichi Shibata, manager at NTT Communications. In 2011 almost 100% of businesses and 45% of private homes had a fax machine.

   In Japan, fax is an essential tool for doing business. Government offices choose to work with faxes because they generate paperwork onto which they apply their stamps of approval, called hanko. A lot of companies still rely on faxes, not on ephemeral e-mail, to create a paper trail of orders and shipments. Banks prefer faxes because, they say, customers are concerned about the safety of their personal information. Even Kobe-based Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan’s largest yakuza crime syndicate, send notifications of expulsion to members by fax, the police say.

   Yuichiro Sagahara has a company that delivers traditional bento lunch boxes. Ten years ago he tried to modernize his business by taking orders online. The demand had quickly decreased. After that, Mr. Sagahara has turned his business’s reliance on the fax into an art form. Now thousands of orders come every morning, half of them by fax. On some faxes you can see handwritten requests like “add an extra hard-boiled egg”. Every morning, Mr. Sagahara hangs up some of them on a wall near the only employee who operates the computer, to remind his staff to keep pleasing customers.

    Japan’s unwilling to give up to fax gives us the possibility to admire their determination to stick to its tried-and-true ways, compared to the rest of the world that seems to pass rapidly by. The fax addiction explains why Japan, the country that revolutionized the electronics market with its Walkmans and hand-held calculators, felled behind competitors like China and South Korea in the digital age. The technology historian, Jonathan Coopersmith, who is writing a book about the machine’s rise and fall said that Japan has Galapagos effect on holding on to some things they’re comfortable with.

    In 2011, after the deadly earthquake and tsunami, in Japan was a boom in fax sales. The companies bought fax machines to replace the ones that had been washed away. One of the bestsellers items is a model that has batteries so it will keep working in case of a natural disaster.

    At the same time, the addiction to fax machine forces Japan to stand a higher level of inefficiency. At 114 Bank, Tokyo’s answer to Wall Street, most small companies clients prefer to do their banking by fax. To calm their concerns about the security of their personal information, the bank created a high-security system that has a two-foot pole with a red light on top to notify of a transmission error. Two employees must work to send a fax to a new number  – one to type the number, the other the ensure that the number was correctly dialed. So now Japan tries to bridge the gap between fax and post fax generations. A solution is to send faxes online so that older Japanese could send messages to their children’s and grandchildren’s smartphones.




Popfax is pleased to announce the winner of the winter 2015 contest, “The most original Christmas greetings fax” sent via Popfax faxing tools.

winning fax

Earlier last week, Popfax announced the end of its winter promotion. During this promotion Popfax also ran a contest in which customers could send a Christmas greeting using one of the Popfax fax sending features including, web fax, mail to fax, Popfax printer-driver or the Popcompanion mobile fax application. Participants had the chance to win an iPad.

Today we’re happy to announce the winner of the contest: Julien Naud, from France, who sent the image most optimized for faxing. This is a great example of the kind of corporate greetings fax a company can send to its customers on any occasion.

POPFAX would like to congratulate Julien Naud, who wins an iPad, with which he can keep on using Popfax anytime and anywhere!

Direct marketing might overlook faxing because of the prejudice that fax image quality is not good enough for reaching the target audience. This is an assessment that Popfax is ready to challenge. If one picks the right design for the message’s image, uses the Popfax image processing algorithm to transform it into black and white, and Popfax’s high quality professional faxing equipment, the result can reach an astonishing quality. The proof is in the image…

As many Christmas wishes received via online fax during the Popfax winter contest have shown, faxes sent by Popfax can reach astonishing quality. Faxing can therefore be an excellent means of direct marketing for information based on fine quality images.

A frequent prejudice is that fax image quality is not good enough for direct marketing campaigns. Popfax demonstrates that faxing is not only still alive in companies, not only one of the few direct marketing media that manages a rate of almost 100% read messages, but also that faxing (properly used within the Popfax environment) is the proper media for sending your high quality campaign images.

Digital document content can vary from plain text to image-only, and everything in between. Popfax provides its customers with the possibility to choose the most appropriate fax conversion depending on the content. When sending faxes, customers can choose between two document conversion modes:

  • “Black & white thresholding”: This option is more adapted to text content, so that the readability of the text is improved.
  • “Grey and colors dithering”: This document conversion algorithm renders colors and greyscale via black and white dot patterns with different densities, retaining the look and feel of colors and gray zones for pictures and logos, but at the price of reduced text readability.

As these two options are exclusive of each other, the overall fax content design might have to be be optimized for either one or the other of the conversion algorithms

Fax is a negotiated protocol, so quality in terms of image resolution depends on the capabilities of the sender’s and of the receiver’s equipment: the initial discussion between the two fax machines picks the highest resolution within the set of mutual capabilities. From this perspective, Popfax fax servers provide the highest level of standards and compatibility with all types of receiving fax machines.

By default, Popfax sends in fine resolution. Fine mode fax is 204 x 196 dpi.

If the receiver has the same resolution available, they will receive the fax in fine resolution. If the receiver can only receive in low/normal resolution, then they will receive their fax in low/normal resolution.

For text messages we recommend our clients to use the “Black & White thresholding” method, which is the default option. However, for the needs of a specific campaign you might need to fax a detailed photo or image. In this case, use “Grey & Colors dithering”, but expect the fax to take longer to transmit than average. To lower the sending time, try to optimize your content to keep the image weight (after conversion) below 50KB. An estimated transmission time is given at conversion in the accounts of Popfax Faxmailers.

Below is a real example of fax conversion using “Grey and colors dithering” sent via the Popfax web interface.

Original colored image:

Fax quality

The resulting fax document:

Fax quality

Nearly 100% of companies are equipped with fax machines, which makes fax mailing a universal B2B direct marketing resource, and potentially the most efficient! About 98 % of faxes received are read, as there are no (or very few) anti-spam filters. You can use fax mailings to broadcast information to your existing clients (newsletters, launches of new features, surveys, etc.) or to search for new potential clients (by running a seasonal promotion, for example).

So, do not give up on fax marketing because of incorrect information. Have a look at Popfax fax mailing offers and tools, and launch your Valentine or Easter campaigns.

Popfax mobile application PopCompanion was just updated for iOS 7. With this update application got several great functions.

The PopCompanion app for iOS is a handy tool for scanning and faxing documents from an iPhone or iPad to any national or international fax number, or to multiple fax numbers at once. This application is already used by thousands of people around world as PopCompanion is one of the most convenient and easy to install and use tool from all of existing.

Popfax has recently updated the Popcompanion mobile fax application, which now supports all Apple devices running iOS from version 4.3 to 7.1.

So what new functions were installed to the new PopCompanion version?

Improved black and white image aspect. As before, Popcompanion offers options for image processing. A major new update is the improved quality of black and white images.

Inbox Badge Alert in the menu bar notifies users of incoming faxes. The badge number indicates the number of new faxes received in a clear and convenient way.

Scanning within native Apple camera interface. iPhone and iPad users can now scan documents using the familiar interface of their native Apple camera. This will let users avoid any problems regarding studying new software.

Perspective Crop Tool incorporated in the Popfax mobile app, it enables users to isolate different planes within an image and crop to correct distortions caused by perspective.

Connection with Photo Library. The app is now more tightly integrated with other Apple products. Popcompanion 1.5 lets users choose images from their Photo Library and fax them right away. It is so intuitive to fax images that have previously been scanned and saved in the library.

Offline Mode. The application now allows users to create, modify and delete folders, transfer online faxes to other folders, manage contacts and groups, send faxes and SMS through PopCompanion even without an Internet connection. PopCompanion 1.5 puts actions in a queue, waiting for the next network connection to synchronize. When the user returns online, the PopCompanion mobile application will automatically synchronize with the Popfax account.

Improved graphic design with new icons that match the look of iOS 7.

Drag-down function for manually refreshing the fax listing, to update changes and check for new faxes.

New and existing clients can find this application anytime in AppStore:

There’s also a possibility to add your opinion on new version of application on Popfax Facebook or Twitter page.

As is was announced earlier, the international provider of Internet Fax services, announced its Winter Season Promotion – an excellent opportunity to save on a Professional Fax Service

Users could get their 2014 Winter promo pack and benefit with:

  • Long-term fax service – 2 year subscription
  • Free embedded fax pages to send – 500
  • Free and unlimited fax reception
  • Option pack included for increased productivity

At last the moment came and Popfax has announced the winner of a full refund in its Promo Sharing Contest, which took place in December 2013 and January 2014, alongside the Special Winter Promotion.

The Popfax Winter Promotion is over. Customers who purchased the Promotional Offer were asked to share a short message about their subscription on Facebook, Twitter or G+, in order to be in with a chance of having their purchase refunded. All shares and entries have been collected, and a winner has been selected through a random 1/100 draw.

Congratulations to AAF International, the winner of our Winter Promo Sharing Contest

Prize: Full refund of promo purchase

Winning Share:


Popfax thanks its customers for their trust in Popfax services and for sharing the Winter Promotional Offer on social media sites.

All users of social networks are welcome to follow Popfax on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and share their experience and opinions.

For those who’re only studying the world of online faxing Popfax prepared several videos explainign how to use it and what benefits one can get from online faxing. Discover the basics of how to receive and send faxes via the Internet in step-by-step video tutorials. The detailed demo videos offer an easy way to become familiar with the main online fax features provided by fax from email client and Gmail account, fax from iPhone and Android smartphones, OCR in faxes, voicemail, cover page, etc.

The videos are about: How to send a fax from email, How to send a fax online from your web browser, How to scan and fax documents using an iPhone, Android smartphone or Blackberry, Popcompanion mobile application for Android phones – how does it work?, How to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in your faxes, How to fax from Gmail, How to setup the Voicemail option in your Popfax account and How to setup your fax cover page.

Winter came to the middle and Popfax is in the middle of a Winter Promotion. Users now have a possibility to fully taste advantages of fax communication!

popfax promo2013winter_en

International fax provider, Popfax, is leading a Winter Promotion – an excellent opportunity to save on a Professional Fax Service! This year one can receive:

–  Free embedded fax pages to send – 500

–  Long-term fax service – 2 year subscription

–  Option pack included for increased productivity

–  Free and unlimited fax reception

All this can be received only with 99.98 EUR or even for free! Users receive a chance to win a full refund by sharing the Promo Purchase in Google+, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  The promotion will run for a very limited time only, so businesses and individuals should act quickly and subscribe to the Special Offer available on

The past year didn’t just passed and this is what was done by Popfax:

Entire system capacity increased

To further provide businesses of all sizes with fast and secure online fax service, Popfax has enhanced its entire cloud system – especially in the area of hardware computing power, memory and data storage capacity – to cope with the growth of its customer base, which numbers more than 50,000 professional and corporate fax users.

Expanded Mobile Fax

Application for busy, on-the-go professionals. This allows to quickly and easily scan and fax documents using the Popcompanion mobile app installed on the smartphone, as well as managing messages in offline mode. The Apple version has been upgraded to iOS 7, so that it now supports all devices running iOS 4.3 to iOS 7s.1, no matter if it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Enhanced Mobile Site Capabilities

Managing online-fax communication from a smartphone has never been easier. Thanks to new features in the Mobile Fax Web interface, users are now able to subscribe to the Popfax internet fax service, try the Popfax service for free and use any secure payment method available on to buy packages, options and sending credits right from the mobile site.

“We expect 2014 to be an important year for Popfax with the sustainable modernization of the service and the implementation of new technologies to provide customers with even more high-performance fax tools in the cloud. We are also launching new offers and monthly packages suitable for businesses of any size”, says Vladimir POPESCO, founder and CEO of Popfax.

Something new from Popfax! This time it’s tutorials on everythig.


 How to send a fax from email

Create a new mail message from your email application configured with your login email.
Enter in the destination address field.
Insert the security code in the subject field. You may find and/or change the security code in your online Popfax account.
Attach documents to fax.
In the body of the email type or paste up to 500 destination numbers in the international format. Optionally you can insert a Cover Page to personalize your fax.
Click on “send” button.

An email message will confirm that the fax was sent properly. The system can manage many file formats, including Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, Jpeg, etc. You can fax from Outlook Express, The Bat or any other email client.
Try to send a fax from email now

How to send a fax online from your web browser

Access from any Internet Browser on your computer.
Login to your Popfax account.
Click on the “Send a fax” section from the “My account” area.
Select destination fax numbers from your Contact book or type in the destination numbers in the international format.
Select documents to fax (you can send up to 3 documents at once).
Select the quality of your fax: black and white thresholding (with improved readability) or grey and colors dithering (to render grey zones of pictures and logos). Optionally you can add a Cover Page or/and send as a Registered Fax.
Click on the “Preview / Send” button, wait a fiew seconds until your document is converted.
After you review, select “I agree to send the fax” and send the fax.

You will receive notifications for each fax delivery. The fax history can be tracked from your online account.
Try to fax from computer now

How to scan and fax documents using an iPhone, Android smartphone or Blackberry

Install the Popcompanion mobile fax software from iTunes.
Login to your Popfax account from your smartphone.
Scan the pages of a document one by one with your smartphone’s camera. The integrated image processor in Popcompanion adjusts the photo and converts it into a faxable black & white document (TIFF format).
You can rotate the picture 90 degrees, adjust the page size, add a customizable cover page, etc.
Add as many photographed pages as you need. Popcompanion will interpret it as a single fax document with multiple pages.
Send the resulting document to your fax correspondent.

Popcompanion mobile is a fax app for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. Its user-friendly interface in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.) allows you to easily fax from iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry devices, to view your sent/received faxes, SMS, voicemails, to manage your contacts and groups, etc.
Try to scan & fax from your smartphone

Popcompanion mobile application for Android phones – how does it work?

Install the mobile fax app Popcompanion on your Android device.
Open the Android fax app and choose to either log in or register your account.
Send the scanned documents to fax immediately or later.

In Popcompanion you can view, download and forward fax to email or to another fax number, receive and listen to voice messages, manage personal contacts and folders, etc. The application is free, although to benefit from it, a Popfax account is needed. Popfax for Android runs in several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc.
Add Popcompanion to your Android app library.

How to use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in your faxes

Enable the OCR feature in your account settings and select its language.
Download and open a fax from your Popfax Inbox.
All your inbound faxes in PDF format are converted from image to text format, and the related keywords are inserted into the “keywords” field of your PDF document’s properties.
You can easily search any fax stored on your PC by related keywords.

The OCR feature identifies all the textual content of a fax (which is actually an image file) and converts it to selectable text. Therefore, fax content can be easily copied, pasted and reused. The OCR feature works for all languages (18) in use in the countries where Popfax is present.
Enable OCR now

How to fax from Gmail

In your Gmail account connected to click on the “compose” button to create a new message.
In address line, type
In the subject line, type the security code from your Popfax account.
In the “Mail to fax” section of your account copy the current security code. Or you can, alternatively, choose your own security code.
In the message body type the fax numbers.
Attach the document to be sent by fax in ∗pdf, ∗doc, ∗jpg, ∗png, etc. and send the message.

In a short time, you will receive the fax transmission report. All transmission reports are also stored in the Cloud and can be accessed from your online account.

The coolest thig – all of this is with video. I mean on their site: mail fax.

Here is the channel where video can be seen and shared!