Recently increased capacity of Popfax system was finally announced by the faxing provider. The upgrade was full: all parts of Popfax system were improved in order to receive the best quality.
Today Popfax announced that in a couple of days, at the beginning of October, it plans a full system upgrade to cope with the growth of its customer base, which numbers increased to more than 50,000 individual and corporate users. is a leading global provider of internet fax services. It allows end-users to send and receive internet fax using the web interface, an e-mail client or other productivity fax tools. is an online solution for both individual professionals (SMEs and SoHos) and for corporate customers who meet their communication needs by our outsourced solutions. Benefit from a 24/7 highly redundant internet fax service.
For this there will be more than doubled Computer power, Memory and Data Storage capacity in order to palpably improve the quality, reliability and speed of the fax service in the future.
The Popfax service was built as a highly redundant system. The hardware supporting every function is duplicated at least once, and the core services platform is hosted in two different places, belonging to two different infrastructure providers (no common energy, no common IP transit, etc.). This high availability results in high Quality of Service (QoS) commitments for corporate clients.
Nevertheless, Popfax has informed its clients that they could experience short outages of a few minutes (when servers are restarted and swapped) and, more likely, delays or slow-downs in service delivery while the server capacity is temporarily removed, in order to be upgraded.
On this subject the founder of the company, Vladimir Popesco, said: “Our customers deserve reliable and fully functional fax services. This is the reason we pay so much attention to scaling up to meet customer demand, and in constantly improving our system redundancy, security and ergonomics”
Popfax recommended that customers with forthcoming mass fax operations plan them outside of this maintenance window whenever possible.
As soon as this upgrade is completed, fax processing speed will be substantially increased, fax conversion will be at least 10 times faster and Popfax customers will have faster access to their data. It is hoped that this measure will help increasing business to business fax communication at least by 30%.


Only during this week one can receive:

  • 2 years subscription with a local fax number (fax number portability is offered for free)
  • 500 fax pages to send and unlimited and free fax reception,
  • Full Option Pack included (fax to email, registered fax, personalized fax, fax storage, voicemail, etc.).

only for 99.98 EUR!

To get this one need to go to, choose the Send & Receive offer, select the promotional package and proceed to payment.

Be quick as the offer runs out on Monday 26th of August!

Popfax is on the market for smth about 7 years. During these years there appeared several new ways of faxing. Let’s see them.

1. Online faxing. Simple one: here you can securely login with a password and manage your fax communication. All the setting up of the account (password, email, personal details, currency, payment means, etc.), configuration of the fax sending process can be done from users’ secure online account or from Popcompanion fax software.

2. Email faxing. You can send fax just as you would compose and send an email message. To send fax via email you must purchase the Option pack or a Send Only package. Here you won’t be able to configure your account details, but you will be able to send fax in just a few simple clicks, to send fax with cover page, or to send fax with personalized fields. You can also send SMS via email.

No printing, walking to a fax machine, dialing numbers, and waiting for the fax to send.

The OCR feature allows you to search keywords or phrases for the fast retrieval of faxes from their email client or email archive solutions.

3. Mobile website. It is compatible with all iPhones, Blackberries, and other PDAs or Smartphones, and includes the full range of Internet fax features. Here you can do everything you do from your computer: send fax, receive fax, configure your account, Send SMS, receive voicemails, set up a conference call, manage your faxes in folders, etc.

All you need is a mobile device and Internet connection – no additional software required!

Just imagine how convenient it would be to take a picture of a document from your smart phone, and fax it instantly.

With the new mobile web site from Popfax, mobile devices are de facto, fully featured, miniature fax machines!

4. Popfax printer. Reading their info this is a driver that converts any document your desktop can print into the black and white TIFF FAX G3 format and then sends it to any fax machine via Internet Fax Services.

You can fax from almost any application as simply as printing a document. There is no need to launch an internet browser or memorize a website address, just print your document inside an application. Instead of printing to paper, your printout will be sent as a fax.

When you want to send fax, in the opened document just go to the Print dialog box, choose Popfax printer from the printer menu, and click on the Print button. It prepares the document for faxing and opens the Popfax printer-driver fax software. If you have entered the names and fax numbers of your correspondents in your contact book, then you can select them from there or you can add new contacts and click on “Send Fax”.

You can send fax to one or multiple recipients at once in several clicks. Just import your contacts to the Popfax printer-driver, select the document to fax, and click on “Send”.

To make your fax look more professional, you can also add a cover page. With the Popfax printer-driver fax software, you can fax any type of document, there is no limit to the type of document you can fax.

5. Popcompanion mobile fax software. This is an excellent solution for business people who are always on the move. It transforms your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Blackberry device into a pocket fax machine by installing the Popcompanion fax software from iTunes, Google Play or Blackberry Marketplace.

Now you can take pictures with the smartphone’s built-in camera and fax them at once. In other words, your mobile device becomes a real fax machine: scan the pages of a document one after the other with your smartphone’s camera and send the resulting assembled document to your fax correspondent.

The integrated image processor in Popcompanion fax software adjusts the photo and converts it into a faxable black & white document. As soon as you have taken a picture, you can rotate it 90 degrees, adjust the page size by dragging the document margins, and approve it for sending. After you review the conversion to black & white, you can add as many photographed pages as you need. Popcompanion mobile fax software will interpret it as a single fax document with multiple pages. Faxes are sent immediately.

Popfax has announced several changes in their mobile site. First of all, with upgraded fully-featured mobile fax from Popfax all smartphone users can:
– subscribe to the Popfax internet fax service right from an internet-enabled mobile device, by choosing the all-inclusive Send & Receive offer with a dedicated fax number provided or ported to Popfax, or by taking the Send Only pack with no fax number attached.

– try the Popfax service for free from a smart phone: the subscription to the Free Fax Trial in several clicks allows users to send up to 4 fax pages and to receive an unlimited number of faxes. The extension of the Free Trial will keep the fax number that has been provided for the test.

– use any payment method available on to buy packages, options, sending credits from the mobile site. Mobile payments at are highly secured and offer users a high level of confidence.

The site is compatible with Android, iOS and Blackberry. It’s user-friendly and talks several languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Romanian.
The next tools were added:

Faxing documents of various extensions (*pdf, *doc, *jpg, *gif, etc.), previously saved on the mobile device and/or captured with the phone camera;
Storing and managing sent/received faxes, SMS’s, voice mails;
Customizing cover-pages for outbound faxes;
Providing OCR (copy paste capability, desktop search engines indexing…) in all received faxes;
Grouping of all contacts.
To register an account you can go to Popfax website –

Popfax assigns you a local fax number for receiving faxes in over 500 cities across more than 23 countries, and allows you to send faxes worldwide. There is no difference between the digital fax number provided by and a traditional fax number. If you already have a fax number you can port it to

As fax communication is still a very important part of business communication all over the world, every company needs a fax number both for increased availability in the professional sphere and higher productivity.

Maximize your efficiency and reliability with Professional Internet Fax service offered by Popfax, and start your fax communication online through your own dedicated fax number.

Get a local fax number


Popfax provides you with a dedicated local fax number for receiving your fax to email or online. During the subscription process you can choose from over 23 available countries.

There is no difference between the Internet fax number assigned by and the classical fax machine number.

The Popfax fax number is a private one: you can hold it indefinitely by extending your subscription period on time.

To get a fax number, just choose Send & Receive offer and indicate your fax country/location: a fax number will be generated automatically and will remain yours under the condition of its extension before your subscription expires.

Many companies need several fax numbers for their employees from different departments for confidentiality reasons. Using the Popfax groups option, one administrator can create, manage and pay for different fax accounts, with different fax numbers for each department.

Set up our fax service in your own way to ensure it works best for your company.


Already have a fax number


If you already have a fax number you can port it to – thus you will continue to receive faxes on your usual fax number.

You can both keep your fax number that you are accustomed to and benefit from all the advantages of a professional online fax service provided by Popfax.

If you intend to port your fax number, contact Popfax customer service via email and subscribe to our Portability offer for only 140 EUR, that includes:

  • 2 Years of Send & Receive Subscription with free and unlimited fax reception
  • Option pack activated for the whole duration
  • 100 fax pages to send
  • Free fax number portability

Thanks to Fax Number Portability you can transfer your fax number to the Popfax Service without interrupting fax communication and without the need to inform your customers of your new number.

The fax number portability is currently available in France, Spain, and the USA.

If it is not possible to port the existing number, you can get a new fax number provided by Popfax and redirect faxes to your new Popfax number, fully enjoying the Popfax service. Or, you can simply disconnect your old fax number.

Featured Fax Number

You can choose a desired or preferable fax number according to your preferences: to maintain your company’s numerological branding, or simplify the memorization of your fax number by customers.

Get a beautiful fax number for only 10 Euro.

Optimize your fax communication without leaving your work space each time you need to send or to receive a fax. With Popfax your faxes are sent instantly and you can receive multiple faxes at once. Benefit from all the advantages of our all-inclusive fax service!

If you use Popfax, you can both send and receive faxes. Or just send. This is how it happens:

Send & Receive faxes online:

Boost your business productivity and make your life easier with our Send & Receive pack

  • Send and receive online faxes anywhere you have internet access;
  • Get a dedicated local fax number;
  • Use your online fax account, email or mobile device to send and receive faxes, as well as to operate online fax storage and contacts;
  • Enjoy free and unlimited online fax reception;
  • Transfer your existing fax number to Popfax (France, Spain, USA);
  • Make your online faxing more professional with a customizable cover page;
  • Sign documents, scan and fax them out to your clients, both to those who use analog fax machines or iPads simultaneously;
  • Benefit from all fax productivity options: mail to fax, personalized fax sending, registered fax, voice mail, OCR in all received faxes, etc.
  • Popfax online fax service ensures that your documents are sent and received without any problems or errors and notifies you on fax deliveries. With Popfax you don’t get errors and don’t run out of paper.

Send & Receive pack is the perfect solution for all businesses, allowing you to receive and reply to fax messages 24 hours a day, all year round, at the best available rates:

Send & Receive Packs

(a local fax number is attached)

  • 1 year subscription for 49.99 EUR includes 50 pages* of sending credit
  • 3 months subscription for 18.99 EUR includes 20 pages* of sending credit.

*You can extend your account indefinitely and add unlimited sending credit.

**Online fax service sending tariffs depend on destination and sending duration. Sending durations per page exceeding 1 minute are billed as multiple pages. Pages per package corresponds to sending at 0.05 EUR per page rate.

Send Only faxes online:

Save money and make your fax communication more efficient with Send Only pack

  • Send your faxes worldwide, anytime and anywhere, from your online fax account, email clients or your smartphone at the unique tariff of 0.05 EUR/page to most destinations;
  • Send online faxes to one or multiple destinations at once in a few clicks;
  • Get notified by email regarding each online fax transmission;
  • Use online fax features included for free to make your fax sending more professional: mail to fax, cover page, personalized fax sending, etc.
  • Use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to edit your fax content and find your online faxes easily on your desktop;
  • Rest assured in the confidentiality of your fax communication. With only account holders have access to online fax messages;
  • Use the registered fax to send electronic faxes in which the content is certified and the delivery to the recipient is guaranteed.


Send Only pack is the most convenient online fax solution for users that need to send multiple faxes at the lowest sending rates:


Send Only Packs

(no fax number is attached)

1 year subscription:

  • Send 100 pages* for 19.99 EUR
  • Send 500 pages* for 49.99 EUR
  • Send 1500 pages* for 99.99 EUR
  • Send 3000 pages* for 149.99 EUR, 0.05 EUR/page

*You can extend your account indefinitely and add unlimited sending credit.

**Online fax service sending tariffs depend on destination and sending duration. Sending durations per page exceeding 1 minute are billed as multiple pages. Pages per package corresponds to sending at 0.05 EUR per page rate.

So with this you just choose the pack you like and you do what you want)